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Big Conference Hall

Conference hall is fit with all necessary equipment: projection, lighting, sound-amplifying equipment. The hall is situated on the 3 floor of the hotel. In the foyer of the hall — guest's welcome area, near there is  banquet hall, cloakroom. Menu of coffee breaks (from 250 to 500 rubles.), lunch (500 rub.) and dinner (1000 rub.) is offered in different variants.

The rental price includes: screen, flipchart + 1 set of paper, WiFi, sound system (1 microphone), water 0,3 l \ people.


1 hour 1500 RUR
4 hours 5500 RUR
Day 9500 RUR

Small Conference Hall

Conference Hall size — 58 m2 is comfortable for accommodation of 40 people.

Ideal for small meetings, training sessions or just meetings of business  partners. Meeting room located on the 2nd floor of the Hotel. For the coffee-breaks, lunches and dinners, participants go to the restaurant by elevators.

The rental price includes: screen, flipchart + 1 paper set, WiFi, speaker (1 microphone), water 0, 3 l \ people.


1 hour 1200 RUR
4 hours 4500 RUR
Day 7500 RUR


  • Lunch (salad, soup, first course, garnish, drinks) — 500 RUR.
  • Dinner (salad, soup, first course, garnish, drinks) — 1000 RUR.